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Welcome to GlowMu!
plumblumb: help cant online play Oct 16, 2016 14:29:29 GMT
Timonens: Master Grand Reset System? stats clear? when i got M.G.R all my stats burn ? Oct 18, 2016 9:45:39 GMT
Matilda: Hello, we were upgrading few things. Thats why counldnt connect with server, but now everything fine. Oct 18, 2016 12:17:35 GMT
Matilda: Yes, all Stats burns after Master Grand Reset. Oct 18, 2016 12:17:55 GMT
mammoth: after server was shutting down , i have lost my MG sword Run Bastard Blade , can i have it back please? Oct 22, 2016 23:22:24 GMT
Matilda: Hello, we restarted gameserver for new updates! Could you write in Personal Msg (PM) what item options had and which level had? Oct 22, 2016 23:25:02 GMT *
mammoth: Run Bastard Blade ( MG sword ) no socket +all +9 Oct 23, 2016 0:06:05 GMT
Matilda: Your item will be returned after 12hours, sorry for our Server Administrator mistake. Will add on item extra 3lvl, so it will be +all+12 because it was our stuff fault. Oct 23, 2016 0:10:53 GMT
mammoth: Ok.Thanks Oct 23, 2016 0:21:56 GMT
Matilda: Hello dear GlowMu players, please read News before login game. Thanks and enjoy playing! Oct 26, 2016 23:37:49 GMT
Matilda: Please read News about "Re-open" and Bonus Gold Credits for Old players. - Oct 27, 2016 8:36:38 GMT
Player: So reopen will be on 31th October? Oct 27, 2016 19:00:07 GMT
Matilda: No, but we think it could be around between 10th and 20th date of November Oct 27, 2016 20:24:42 GMT
Golden Invasion: Can you make the golden mobs to be like 5-7.I think they are 1-2 Nov 2, 2016 5:08:29 GMT
Server: Server is now Millenium World? Nov 3, 2016 15:03:25 GMT
Matilda: Hello, yeah will make Golden Mobs more. No, server will be as GlowMU. Our Main Game Master is working for New Fixes. Also all Master SkillTree will be 100% working without problems. And much more. Nov 3, 2016 20:47:40 GMT
Matilda: All Donate will be returned back on New x1000 Server. :) And who send me email with his Old Account will get Bonuss at x1000! Nov 3, 2016 22:14:24 GMT *
Matilda: Write your suggestions what new website design could look like! :) Nov 5, 2016 13:37:16 GMT *
AAA: When open server? Nov 12, 2016 12:21:47 GMT
Matilda: Server open after 10 days! Join now - Nov 25, 2016 21:48:19 GMT
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